About us:

Our company’s purpose is to distribute pneumatic tools, accessories and wear and tear items for industry and the automotive market. At the same time, over the last few years we have focused on the development of innovative tools and their introduction on the market. Many of our products are protected by industrial property and trademark rights.

Today more than 1,500 items of our products are present in over 56 countries worldwide. These include Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Japan, Australia, Russia, Taiwan.

Our attention to quality is underpinned by the awareness that the demands of our customers are met by the highest quality standards and functionality of our products.

Brian Niklas Backhaus

Sales +49 (5821) 98970 brian.backhaus@bendel.de

Mathias Eggert

Head of Marketing +49 (5821) 989-721 mathias.eggert@bendel.de

Bodo Munstermann

Head of Sales +49 (5821) 989-717bodo.munstermann@bendel.de

Michael Schop

Head of Procurement +49 (5821) 989-716 schop@bendel.de

Frank Bendel

Managing Partner +49 (5821) 989-720 frank.bendel@bendel.de

Carsten Hanke

Head of Warehouse +49 (5821) 989-724 carsten.hanke@bendel.de

Elke Röhl

Head of Finance and Accounting +49 (5821) 98970info@bendel.de

Knut Bendel

Managing Partner +49 (5821) 989-722 knut.bendel@bendel.de

Siegfried Köhn

Leitung Service und Logistik
+49 5821-9897-0

Rico Romey

Head of Consignment/OEM +49 (5821) 989-724 rico.romey@bendel.de


Our history begins in 1991 with the founding of Bendel Handelsvertretungen which primarily organized the distribution of Hirane Autospotter in Germany through an extensive network of wholesalers.

1993 Übernahme der „Cartool“ – Vertretung für Druckluft-Werkzeuge  

1994 Erweiterung der Cartool Vertretung auf Karosserie- u. Spezialwerkzeuge

1995 Erwerb einer Gewerbe-Immobilie und Bau des Büro- und Lagerhauses 

1996 Um- und Einzug in die Wilhelm-Schulze Str. 8-10 in 29549 Bad Bevensen 

1997 BENDEL WERKZEUGE, eingetr. Kaufmann 

1999 Übernahme der ersten schutzrechtbasierten Vertriebslizenzen


2004 Einführung der Tornador-Reinigungs-Geräte

2007 Erwerb der Exklusiv-Lizenzen für die EARS®-Technologie

2008 Markenanmeldung Tornador® 

2010 Einführung der Tornador® Black Z-020

2015 Bendel Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG

2015 Einführung der Marke Rotador®

2016 Einführung der Tornador® S-Serie

2019 Einführung der Tornador® RS-Serie

Mission Statement:

BENDEL Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG is a well established commercial enterprise with products and services for wholesalers and repurchasers in the automotive sector.

Innovation, quality, customer focus and reliability are the pillars of our company.

The aim of our business is to act very responsibly vis-a-vis our customers in order to offer them long-term and sustainable added value, as well as to be socially responsible so that we can contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment through sustainable management.

We are inspired by the concept of common welfare economy. The economy should serve the people and not vice versa.


Our corporate structure ensures quick and flexible decision-making processes in line with the market. A major part of our product portfolio is protected by industrial property and trademark rights and this constitutes a unique selling point for our customers.

We deliver many of our products with all the necessary certificates pursuant to the latest safety standards even in customer packaging.

Our brands: