Tornador® Classic Z-010RS

Air Pulse Cleaning Gun


Item No.: 602 410

Exploded view drawing:

  • with especially fine micro-atomization
  • includes built-in air regulator
  • includes built-in swivel air inlet
  • with proven Tornador® tube technology
  • ergonomic, temperature isolated, low vibration
  • suitable for 2.2 kW -230V piston compressors

Just like all other Tornador® RS Tools, the Tornador® CLASSIC Z-010RS is also equipped with built in air regulator and swivel air inlet. The handling and user friendliness are brought to another level through this. For cleaning all kinds of automotive interior surfaces, door panels, dash boards, steering wheels, fabric upholstery, carpets, floor mats and between seats Tornador® CLASSIC Z-010RS is a great solution. Especially hard to reach areas can be cleaned very deeply with the Tornador® CLASSIC Z-010RS. As the gun releases only small amounts of detergents the operating costs are very low. Summed up the customer gets a deep pore-cleaning effect and will reach higher satisfaction with his customers.

The Tornador® Classic Z-010RS is an air-powered suction cup spray gun that atomizes air and cleaning fluids in very fine particles and swirls them at high pressure. In the outlet cone is a thin air hose that rotates in a spiraling motion during operation. This sets the emerging air mixture spinning, resulting in a kind of rotating cutter similar to a tornado. The resulting action produces our “tornado effect” which removes dirt particles from surfaces with a high degree of force. This is ideal for the quick detailing work carried out during customer service, ensuring very good customer retention.