Tornador® DOUBLE PRO

High gloss polishing cloths

ART. NO.: 877 898

  • one side long pile, one side short pile
  • laser cut, without hem and wash flag
  • highest quality microfiber 400 GSM
  • 40cm x 40cm – 1 set = 5 pieces.

The absolute classic among microfiber cloths: a rich 400 GSM ensures a dense, fluffy and very absorbent texture. The cloth edges are laser-cut by a special process (ultrasonic cutting). Hemlines, seams and wash flags have been deliberately omitted to avoid micro-fine scratches on sensitive paintwork. With a short and a long pile side, it is suitable for absorbing polish residues as well as for high-gloss polishing. Absolutely lint free.

Size: 40cm x 40cm.


The Tornador® cloth series especially developed for the automotive sector, consisting of Tornador® CRYSTAL CLEAR, Tornador® CABIN, Tornador® BUFF, Tornador® MICRO, Tornador® MICRO PRO, Tornador® DOUBLE and Tornador® MICRO GIANT, is made of partly coated microfiber of the highest quality. Based on customer wishes and suggestions our manufacturers have managed to develop new types of cloth that produce better results than comparable microfiber products.