Tornador® Foam Z-011RS

Foam Gun


Item No.: 602 411

Exploded view drawing:

  • for foaming small and large surfaces
  • includes built-in air regulator
  • includes built-in swivel air inlet
  • ergonomic, freeze-protection and less vibrations
  • two different diffusors included
  • for dry and rigid foam

The first Foam-gun which transforms cleaning liquids into solid thick and long-lasting foam and lengthens the exposure and reaction time of the cleaner. For this reason the Tornador® FOAM Z-011RS is ideal for all pre-treatment but also for cleaning of velour, carpets and cushions. Includes two interchangeable diffusers to lather large areas in a short time. Ideal for cleaning very dirty vertical surfaces (truck tarpaulins, room walls) which require longer exposure time to the cleaner.

The newly developed diffusor technology of the Tornador® FOAM Z-011RS is a large help to the user whenever large surfaces have to be cleaned from strong dirt. By using the interchangeable diffusors whole cars, trucks or vans can be covered in foam quickly. The built-in are regulator and the built-in swivel air inlet lead to a larger user friendly handling. The foam of the Tornador® FOAM Z-011RS is very dry and firm. This lengthens the exposure and reaction time of the cleaner what leads to a very strong cleaning result.