Tornador® PH-21

Electric Orbital Polisher


Item No.: 601 591

Exploded view drawing:

21 mm orbital diameter

power consumption 500/1200W/h

r/min. 1700 – 4200

electric stepless speed control, Soft-Start

10m electric cable.

velcro pad 150mm

weight 2,6kg

  • 21 mm orbital throw
  • includes 10 m power cord
  • continuously variable speed control

Tornador® PH-21 is a strong eccentric polishing machine with 21 mm (3/4”) orbital diameter. The machine distinguishes itself by an ideal balance point that allows aa easy one hand handling. The strong electric motor guarantees easy erosion without holograms and swivels. The 10 meter electric cable allows a large radius of action. This polisher is used especially for large surfaces (engine bonnet, roofs etc.) and also can be used very well for trucks, boats and yachts also.


With 6 adjustable speeds the correct ratio between speed, sponge, polishing compound and paint can be selected at all times. Holograms and swirls are avoided due to the 21 mm orbital throw and so even novice users can produce a brilliant finish. The 21 mm orbital throw guarantees quick and thorough removal which means that you produce excellent polishing results and work in considerably less time. In only one pass with the specially developed Tornador sponge and the Tornador polishing compound you can achieve a brilliant polish in a very short time.