Tornador® STEAM

Steam Cleaning Tool


Item No.: 601 770

Exploded view drawing:

Boiler: max. 170° Cel. / 7bar steam pressure

Boiler / Refill-tank: 1,5l / 2,2l

High pressure hot water function

Stepless regulation of the steam pressure.

220V-240V / 50-60Hz / 3.250W

11kg / 490mm x 280mm x 320mm

Strong steam cleaner with hot water function. The strongly heated steam (starting at 140° C) loosens the dirt ideally and lastingly kills germs and bacteria. Hot steam evaporates quickly, only brings little moisture in to the material, and minimizes the return time to the customer. Ideal for cleaning of the passenger- and engine compartment.

The Tornador® STEAM is mobile and can be operated with the steam nozzle or triangular brush. Steam is sprayed on to the surface and loosens the dirt from the pores of the surface. After this the dirt can be wiped off without and effort. The accessory kit contains: steam hose, handle, spot nozzle, triangular brush head and the Tornador® Rotate Set. Ideal for cleaning of the interior, the engine compartment, very dirty rims, the car body or also the paint.